Specializing in Teens, Depression, Grief, Cancer and Addictions

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Meet Glen

For over twenty five years, I have worked in the ministry of Pastoral Care in hospitals and hospice. I have served as teacher, counselor, and consultant in grade schools and high schools.


My experiences with the fields of addiction, depression and anxiety, marriage and family relationships, and social justice have broadened and strengthened my abilities to work with a wide variety of life’s difficulties.

Due to the difficult times we are all experiencing, I am offering counseling sessions by phone.  I realize this is not the best way of doing a counseling session, but it is what is best and available in order to keep talking and dealing with our problems.  If you are leary about it, I understand.  I can only suggest you try it rather than stop working on your issues.

Also, I understand finances can be difficult to manage.  I understand and would like you to keep this in mind – I have never wanted money to get in the way of anyone getting what they want or need from my help.  If money becomes a problem, please talk with me about it.  I promise we can work something out.