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Youth Counseling

Life Coaching

Everyone, at times, gets their life tied in knots. Sometimes we can untie these knots ourselves. Sometimes we need help. Our general education usually doesn’t include learning how to handle addictions, major illnesses, death, relationship problems, anxiety, depression or other similar emotional stressors. When these problems tie our lives in knots, counseling and life-coaching can help.

Whereas counseling generally deals with emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, and addictions, life-coaching usually focuses on growth and maturation, developing tools such as self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence. Counseling and Life Coaching consist of education regarding the issues troubling the client and the development of coping skills with which to manage the difficulties. The client learns to manage the issue rather than the issue managing him or her. The client also learns that change (the untying of the knot) does not occur in a counseling session, but rather as you live your life managing the issues with new found skills.

Child and Family Issues

These issues are many and varied. Communication problems among family members, whether it exists between parents as a marital issue or between children and parents, affect the whole family. It doesn’t take long for communication problems to be acted out in behavioral problems, dealt with negatively with drugs, alcohol and other harmful choices. When other issues such as physical illness, ADHD, or learning disabilities are present, family dysfunction can become a real danger and needs to be confronted.

Teens and Young Adults

As the child gets bigger, so can the problems. The pace of the world and the complications of society have put teens and young adults more “at risk” than ever. Adolescent anxiety and depression, drug and alcohol addiction, relationship difficulties and a general lack of self esteem, motivation and self-discipline are all issues that this generation of adolescents and young adults are wrestling with and need coping skills to handle.

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I have specialized experience working with those suffering from cancer, especially kids. Whether it be individually, the family, siblings or the kids with cancer themselves. I also facilitate a grief support group for parents and siblings that meets the last Wednesday of every month, called Friends of Kids with Cancer. If you’d like to attend this group, please call me at 314-849-2989.

Physical Challenges,
Death and Grief

Grief comes into our lives in more ways and at other times than when a loved one dies. Grief can affect us when there is a loss of youth, health, physical abilities, relationships, hopes, dreams and opportunities. Coping with the intensity of grief and understanding that grief is not just a feeling but a process is necessary to keep a person from becoming stuck, stagnate and from moving on with their life.

Speaking Engagements

I am available for speaking engagements for all the above services. See the Speaking page for more details or Contact page to contact me directly.

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